Monday, June 29, 2009

Storyboard Templates and Resources

storyboardFor the last week I have been in storyboard mode for a large course I am creating. Since grad school I have been using the same format for storyboards, when I do use them. Some projects benefit from use of storyboards, some do not, but that is another post.

The storyboard I use is a very simple, but flexible format that we used in my school's ISD program. I have made a few small changes to it. Here is the template, which is made in PowerPoint, but could easily be made in MS Word too.

And here's what I include in my storyboards.

In the main frame:

  • Textual content

  • Graphics (even if rough representations)

  • Screenshot or representation of animations, interactives, etc.

  • Buttons and/or navigational features

  • Page orientation

In the side frames:

  • Navigational info (i.e. where each button or link will take the user)

  • Text for pop-ups or rollovers

  • Media info (e.g. info about the animation, video, audio, etc.)

In the bottom frame:

  • Notes to developers, SMEs, or anyone else that may have access to the storyboard

  • Notes that won't fit in the side frames

  • Any pertinent notes that don't fall under "Navigation" of "Media"

  • Color requirements, screen size, graphic sizes, etc.

Storyboard formats very widely. The above happens to be the format I like, but here are some more storyboard resources you may find helpful:

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Creating Scripts and Storyboards for e-Learning - e-LearningGuru

Really Fast Storyboarding for e-Learning Projects - Learning & Performance Tips

Example of a storyboard in MS Word - Learning & Performance Tips


  1. Thanks for this resource. I just started looking for instructional development jobs and I noticed a requirement for storyboarding, so your post completely told me what I wanted to learn. Its a skill I need to develop to look good in the market place.

  2. My pleasure. I am glad it was of help.

    You should also check out They have some great resources, plus a job board and a place to post your resume. Good luck with the job search.

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    I hope its of value and adds to the subject area. Thanks!

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