Thursday, June 18, 2009

Financial Education - What's Out There

I saw today that MasterCard launched  Learning Centres, which provides financial management tips for consumers. Are they doing the same here in the USA? I found they have a learning center on the U.S. site. And they have a DIY Guide for Young Adults. However, it markets their cards as much as it provides financial advice.

Full disclosure, I am employed by a financial institution, but I am also an advocate of financial education/literacy. As we has seen far too much of, people who are not up to speed with how personal finances, credit cards, and banking products work can get into extreme jams to say the least. And they are also easily taken advantage of .  So, here are some resources provided without any marketing from financial industries.

Money Smart - FDIC

Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning - University of CA - Irvine

Link & Learn Taxes - Internal Revenue Service

And to quote Shakespeare, "Neither a borrower, nor a lender be."

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