Friday, October 18, 2013

Off to #DevLearn

I am ΓΌber excited to be heading to the Devlearn Conference next week and just as excited to be presenting too. I'm willing to bet most of this blog's readers have already heard of this conference. If not, it is the best elearning conference you can attend in my opinion. It is chock full of great sessions, a phenomenal DemoFest,  truly inspiring attendees and even a live #LrnChat. However, it can get overwhelming, but do not fret because there are plenty of helpful resources for anyone attending and here are a few. 

  • The Devlearn Docent program - A great for first timers who would like some expert guidance during the conference. 
  • IDGlobalEvents Blog DevLearn post - Wonderful tips for anyone attending.
  • The DevLearn App - An app with many features including session descriptions, a personal schedule, social networking with other attendees and speakers and much more.
  • The #Devlearn backchannel - Great way to participate, interact and share your experience. FYI: If you can't attend in person this is the next best thing.
If you are there please look for me and say, "Hello." Hope you can attend my session too (304 -Adding "More" Character to Your eLearning). 

See you in Las Vegas!