Thursday, February 1, 2024

I’m Presenting at ATD TechKnowledge

If you will be at ATD TechKnowledge next week, stop by my session and say “hi.” And I hope you stay and hear my spiel on incorporating 3D modeling in eLearning too. A description is below.

Flat to Fascinating With 3D Modeling

Sometimes a picture is just not enough! In this session you will learn how to utilize interactive 3D modeling to give your learners far better perspective and a truly interactive experience. 

We will begin by assessing when 3D modeling can be an effective solution for your learning programs. Then explore how such solutions are currently used at Johns Hopkins Medicine, identify where you can find ready to use 3D models, tools to build your own 3D models, and adding animation and annotations to your models. We will end with tips on how to add your 3D models into your courses, where your learners will be thrilled to interact them. Expert level technology acumen not required!