Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Android and Flash?

It was announced today that Verizon and T-Mobile are offering Motorola smart phones based on Google's Android operating system. These will be available later this year. T-Mobile already offered one phone with Android, the G1, and will have the My Touch 3G during the summer.

Will these new Google Androids have Flash?

Well, according to Adobe's 2nd quarter earnings call, they are releasing Flash for smart phones (Flash 10) this October. And it is expected to be on Androids.


View entire call

If Android phones have Flash, they will have at least this edge on Blackberry and iPhone. This includes the ability to deliver m-learning created with Flash.  I just can give up on using Flash/Flash Lite for delivering m-learning.

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  1. Adobe will release a beta version of Flash Player 10 (FP10) for smartphones. The release will come during October at Adobe MAX 2009. Now, with Flash 10 confirmed to come to Android developers will be able to use “real” Flash and large chunks of their web code for mobile, adding a new dimension to the use of Flash in mobile. On top of that Flash 10 is a quantum leap in performance. Flash Lite, simplified, is a poor version of Flash 8. Between Flash 8 and 10 there’s 3 years of development. Flash Lite has relatively poor graphical performance and it also poorly handles sound.


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