Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#DevLearn 2015 Sessions That Impressed

I recently returned from the DevLearn 2015 Conference, which is always an incredibly inspiring learning experience. So, here are some of the sessions that impressed me along with the slide decks/resources that are worth sharing.

What Delights CLOs and What Keeps Them Up at Night? Allison Rossett
Great insight on what CLOs and org leaders need/want from training professionals. Also, challenges/obstacles and problems in current elearning/L&D.
Brain Science and Learning: Seven Tips That Will Dramatically Improve Your Training Art Kohn
I really liked his ideas on “boosting” learning – Post learning events that increase retention. No PowerPoint on the resources page, but here is Art’s SlideShare -
Interactive Video for eLearning Designers David Anderson
David provided some creative ideas for using video and even showed some tips and tricks in Articulate StoryLine. FYI: No PPT, but David works for Articulate, which has the Rapid eLearning Blog and the eLearning Heroes site both of which are chock full of tips and resources. 

Innovations in Interactivity and Interactions Rick Blunt
Rick's session on interactivity reminded me not to get stuck recreating the same old interactive assets. He discussed the levels of interactivity, Bloom's Taxonomy as it applies to using interactions and he provided great examples. It was a great audience and he was very good at getting them to share ideas and solutions during his session, which was also invaluable.

What? I Don’t Have to Be an Art Wiz to Create My Own Design Assets? Bianca Woods
While I could not attend this session because it coincided with my own session, otherwise it would have definitely been on my list of must attends, I did make it a point to grab her presentation slides off the resource page. It has some great design tips and tricks along with some good tool resources.

All the resources provided by the DevLearn presenters are available at

Friday, September 25, 2015

My #DevLearn Presentation - Be Concise: Designing for On-the-go Learners

Next week I will be presenting at eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference. It is always a thrill to attend the conference and a real honor to be presenting too. Below is a link to my presentation, hope some of my readers will be there and attend my session. If not, hopefully we will meet during other conference happenings.

Also, Thursday night will be the live #Lrnchat (an online Twitter chat), which is always a blast. Stop by the #Lrnchat table right after DemoFest.

See you in Las Vegas!

Monday, August 3, 2015

eLearning Guild's First Ever Online #DemoFest

On August 19th and 20th, the eLearning Guild will be holding its very first online version of their world renowned DemoFest. It will kick off with an opening session from two ever impressive speakers, Jane Bozarth and Karen Hyder. Like all the eLearning Guild's DemoFests, this will be a chance to see some wonderful online solutions for real world learning and support challenges. There will also be opportunities to ask questions and pick the presenters' brains. Visit the Online DemoFest page to see a listing of all the presenters.

My shameless plug - I will be demo’ing my “Mission: JHome Content Manager” on Day Two of this Demofest.

So, register today and I hope to see you there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Why Classroom Training is Sooo Much Better Than #eLearning

In honor of Dave Letterman and an end of an era, my top ten list... 

Why traditional classroom training is soooo much better than eLearning:
  1. You can learn at another person's pace.
  2. Get to see what the beltway looks like at 8 am. 
  3. Stale donuts.
  4. Sit next to that annoying guy from Finance. 
  5. Get another 2 1/2 inch binder. 
  6. Leave at 4:30. Hey, does the beltway look the same at 4:30?
  7. Complete a level 1 evaluation and let them know the trainer was real nice, but the room was cold. 
  8. Because there's a good chance I can be told "to put my phone away."
  9. I get to take the class once and if I need to review it, well maybe there's another one soon. 
  10. Who doesn't love a slightly awkward icebreaker?
Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

Friday, May 1, 2015

eLearning Guild's Online DemoFest #elguild

DemoFest Badge
This August 19th and 20th the eLearning Guild will be holding the first OnlineDemoFest, I am really excited to see the great work that will be shared and also honored to be one of the presenters - I will be sharing my “Mission:JHome Content Manager“ course.

Hope to see you there. To attend, register on the eLearning Guild’s Online DemoFest page – DemoFest:Real People, Real Projects, Real Solutions. Let us know you are attending and what you think of the courses using the #elguild hashtag.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Paying Attention to Copyright

It is always troublesome to see disregard for copyright. At times it may be a lack of awareness to copyright law or it may be someone conveniently ignoring it, but either is no excuse and as members of a profession that utilizes images, video, audio, etc., we must keep ourselves aware of how we can or can't use such content. And I swear if I hear another person say "I found it on the web, so it's OK," I am going to scream. 

That said, here are some copyright resources in which we should be aware. I not only keep these available for the times I may need my own clarification, but I like sharing these links with SMEs, eLearning designers and anyone else who may need them. (US Copyright Office)
Copyright Basics (US Copyright Office)
Copyright Basics (BYU)
Q&A - Copyright and Fair Use (Library of Congress)
Internet Copyright Infringement (Infographic)
And you can find more in my DIIGO "Copyright" bookmarks.  

Monday, January 5, 2015

Pinterest - Some of the Ways I'm Using It

I have had Pinterest for a while now, but my use has been on and off. I think for me it is not something I need on a daily basis, but certainly a great tool for when I find an eLearning resource I want to easily curate. So, here as some eLearning resources I have collected in my Pinterest boards thus far. 

eLearning - Anything eLearning related, often a lot of useful infographics are pinned. 

ISD - All things ISD, again plenty of infographics. 

Creative eLearning Examples - Inspiring examples from many great eLearning designers, and creative people from other fields too. 

My eLearning Portfolio - Some screen shots from my own portfolio. 

Any suggestions or do you have boards you would like to share? Please feel free to add them to the comments section below.