Monday, April 5, 2010

Something You Won't See on The iPad

The devices shown have Adobe Flash, but the iPad does not. So much e-learning is made in Flash, or published as SWF files, and iPad users will not have access to it. What a shame.


  1. Though even if IPad have some of these, IPad users have to Pay (Anti - Internet)

  2. Shame, perhaps, but still exciting, considering how many other devices with similar form-factor will not be so closed and proprietary.

    That $99 student deal Marvell announced two weeks ago seems like it could improve things in a major way...?


  3. John,

    Thanks for letting us know about the Marvell announcement.Definitely a more feasible price for the classroom. Plus, no need to throw away all the Flash courses and educational games K-12 schools are currently using.


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