Saturday, April 10, 2010

e-Learning via the BBC


I was adding another course on the  free e-learning page and what really jumped out at me is there are an awful lot of examples from the BBC. They have been producing a lot of great stuff, so I thought I would share all the BBC examples I have found. I am sure there are even more to be found on the BBC site.

e-Learning I have found at the BBC

Archaeology Games - BBC

Caveman Challenge - BBC

Computer Tutor - BBC

WebWise - BBC

Ancient History - BBC

British History - BBC

British History Timeline - BBC

Climate Challenge - BBC

Interactive Body - BBC

The Tsunami Disaster Explained - BBC (2004)

Ancient Greeks: The Olympic Games - BBC

Guide to the Basics of American Football - BBC

Viewing these and other quality courses and interactives is a great way to get inspiration and ideas for creating your own engaging courses. There are plenty more examples of e-learning on the Free e-Learning page.

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