Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sign-offs for e-Learning Courses

John Hancock

When creating e-learning courses I ask stakeholders to sign-off on the final product. This is only after the review process is complete. Very often the stakeholders are also the subject matter experts for the course. Either way, I find that a sign-off provides confidence for me and my team that the course meets the approval and needs of the stakeholder, the content is accurate, and that we have a commitment from the stakeholders/SMEs for future reviews.

Here is what I include in a typical sign-off form. Granted, this may change depending on the project and any addendum requested by the stakeholder/SME. I keep it as simple and succinct as possible. The following points are included in the agreement.

  • That the design and content for the course provides accurate information and complies with the organization's current policies and procedures.

  • To conduct future reviews on a specific scheduled basis to verify its accuracy.

  • To inform the course designer(s) of any future content, policy and procedure changes that affect the on-line learning program.

  • The course will not be released on the learning management system (LMS) or Intranet without the completion of this form/agreement.

Please keep in mind, I am referring to a sign-off for courses created for internal use. A sign-off for an external client would be approached with greater detail.

Are there additional things you include in a sign-off? Please feel free to share in the comments section.

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