Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reflecting on 2009's Posts - Big Question

December Big Question

December's Big Question at the Learning Circuits blog is "What did you learn about learning in 2009," but they also suggest looking at your  top 2009 posts for "aha moments." So, here are my top ten 2009 posts according my blog's best of list found through eLearningLearning. I have simply added my thoughts next to each.

  1. Flash Accessibility (508 Compliance) I was surprised to see 508 Compliance top the list. It is good to see it is an important topic to many readers, as it should be. What I learned is that with effort Flash courses can be accessible.

  2. Storyboard Templates and Resources Storyboard posts showed up twice (#2 and #4). It is not only a practical tool that many people value, but the post opened up opportunities for me to see how others use storyboards.

  3. Adobe FlashTutorials In my opinion, Flash is the best tool an e-learning designer can possess, but it does have a steep learning curve. And there is no end to that learning curve. As long as I am using Flash, there will be something new to learn.

  4. It Came From Hollywood - Storyboarding See #2.

  5. Where Organizations Go Wrong With e-Learning This was chance for me to gripe about the crazy, frustrating things I have seen.

  6. Using Gagne’s 9 Events of Learning in e-Learning My favorite post among the list! Gagne works for me and I love sharing ways the events can be applied.

  7. Perceived Advantages and Disadvantages We should all be cognisant of how non-elearning designers see online learning.

  8. Interested in Creating an Alternative Reality Games (ARG) for learning? Can't go wrong with games and learning. They go together all too well.

  9. Quick Explanation of Google Wave - Video I, like others, was just trying to figure it out. FYI: I did get an invite shortly afterwards.

  10. Overview of Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Evaluation Everyone wants to evaluate their courses as soon as they have the time.

I cannot speak about what I learned without mentioning that in 2009 my employer (Provident Bank) was acquired another bank. In 2009, I learned that I was extremely lucky to have been part of, and to have learned from, such a cohesive, talented and very effective team of trainers. Although it did not make the top 10, this was the most meaningful post for me - Farewell to a Great Corporate University.


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  2. Some really great posts here that I had missed over the year. FYI - I didn't have cloud computing as a keyword. I added it and it's your top keyword for the year.

  3. Glad you liked the posts and thank you for adding cloud computing.


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