Sunday, December 27, 2009


Perhaps I have been living under a rock, but until today I have not heard of Pecha-Kucha. I am not a big fan of PowerPoint mostly because of the abusive use of the tool itself. After all, PowerPoint does not bore people to death, presenters (or e-Learning designers) WITH PowerPoint do. Upon being introduced to the term Pecha-Kucha, I Googled it and was intrigued by the concept.

In a nutshell, it is a presentation that contains 20 images each displayed for 20 seconds (20x20). It was originally designed to reign in presenters who needed to be more concise in their presentation. Here are some examples. The first explains the concept further. You can also learn more about it at

Another good example of Pecha-Kucha is Failure by Bob Berkebile.

Oh, Pecha-Kucha is a Japanese term meaning chatter. It is pronounced "peh-CHAK-cha," here is a video that helps with the pronunciation.


  1. You might also be interested in Ignite, which features a 15 second slide length - giving a 5 minute duration, but which is otherwise the same. It's sponsored by O'Reilly, the internet/tech book people and which are run all over the world by local groups (kinda like Pecha Kucha).

  2. I am checking it out now-
    In fact, I am seeing they have an event coming up here in Baltimore.



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