Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flash on Blackberry... Next Summer

Adobe Flash logoAccording to the Boy Genius Report, RIM is planning to add full Flash support for the Blackberry browser by next summer (2010). This is not Flash Lite, but a full Flash player. It will also support Silverlight. This has a lot of potential for m-learning. A significant portion of the m-learning developed is targeted for Blackberry devices, especially in the corporate world.

If Flash does arrive on Blackberries it will mean opportunities to develop more  interactive m-learning for these devices and expand users' access to m-learning currently developed in Flash and Flash Lite. Because of the number of Blackberry users and the amount of m-learning targeted to Blackberry users, having Flash as a development tool will be quite a boon for m-learning designers and users alike. Plus, this may be a motivator for Apple to add Flash to the iPhone.


  1. This will be great if this happens. We produce a lot of mobile learning content and provide guidance on how to optimize content for mLearning. There is a big expectation that you can re-use Flash content from your eLearning programs to the mobile devices but for now it's not possible to support Flash on all mobile devices so we have stayed away from this format.

  2. Unfortunately looks like this was a rumor...the people form adobe has confirmed this, check out the link

    This is sad as it would have helped mLearning a lot.

  3. Thanks Yogesh for the heads up on this.

    I will still remain hopeful that eventually these devices will get Flash, but more careful to wait for confirmations.


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