Tuesday, July 14, 2009

you have to fight for the right TO BE ENGAGING

I just read a comment on a blog where a someone was very frustrated by bland, unengaging page turners. It got me thinking. How do you get a an organization out of the rut of making page turners and to start creating more engaging and effective courses? Here are my first thoughts:

  • Put on your instructional designer hat and do everything you can to educate all involved (SMEs, clients, managers, and audience too) on what effective e-learning is and how all involved can benefit from it.

  • Show all involved what effective e-learning looks like, actual examples. Here is just one place where you can find examples -http://minutebio.com/blog/free-e-learning/ (this my Free e-Learning collection ).

  • Find case studies, articles, evaluations, etc. that support your case.

  • Create a prototype to demonstrate the level of interactivity and engagement your organization can produce in a course. Get your co-workers involved so they will be vested in the "new approach." This will earn you supporters and people who can rally against the archaic page turners the organization still wants to produce.

  • When you launch your prototype/course and your audience provides positive feedback. Be quick to send that feedback to the powers to be along with any evaluation you have done. They will have a hard time arguing against more interactive courses then.

  • Continue to evaluate your courses even after you have been given the go ahead and resources to create more interactive courses. If you can demonstrate positive results for all 4 levels of evaluation, especially "results," they will have little argument for ever implementing a page turner again.

What else can be done to address the organization stuck in page turner mode? Please feel free to make suggestions. Thanks.

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