Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What I Ask During a Course Review

I just released the first draft of a new WBT course and as usual I have a slew of people reviewing the course. This includes Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) among others. In the past I have provided a general list of what aspects of the course should be reviewed (e. g. grammar, accuracy of content, navigation, technology, etc.). This time around I compiled a far more detailed list of concerns reviewers should be attentive to during their review. It is meant more as guide to what they should be looking for, but can also be used as a questionnaire.

Here is what I included:


  • Check spelling, grammar, and consistency of language.

Objectives/Learning needs

  • Does the course answer your questions/concerns about the subject?

  • Do you feel prepared to begin applying the new knowledge/skills learned?

  • Does the course meet the objectives presented at the beginning of the course?

  • Do you feel you now have a better understanding of the subject at hand?


  • Were there any links or buttons that did not work?

  • Were all navigational elements marked appropriately?

  • Were you able to navigate through the course with ease?


  • Do you find the graphics helpful?

  • Do the graphics appear properly?

  • Was text in the graphics clear and visible?


  • Does the animation appear properly?

  • Was text in the animation clear and visible?

  • Do you find the animation helpful?


  • Are the soft skill simulations reflective of realistic scenarios?

  • Do the simulations, interactive exercises and/or pop-ups function properly?

  • Are the software simulations/demonstrations realistic and appear to reflect the actual “live” system?


  • Do the questions measure your understanding of the content presented?

  • Are there questions that address content not presented in the course?

  • Are the questions/answers accurate and pose no potential exceptions that could make an answer incorrect?

  • Is the feedback provided helpful?

  • Does the assessment provide correct scoring results?

Misc. technology

  • Does the audio function properly?

  • Do the videos function properly and appear professional?

I am sure as time goes on questions will be added and some will be eliminated. What would you include, eliminate or change on this list? Any input would be great.

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