Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free Hot Lava Software

Hot Lava MobileHot Lava, which was recently acquired by OutStart, is now offering a free version of their m-learning development tool. It is accessible at this link, Hot Lava download-registration. Here is also a description of Hot Lava.

It is a full version and without any time limitations. My guess is that OutStart will be making significant improvements to the software, so why not offer the current version free as a teaser. If you are interested in creating m-learning, here is a free tool to get you started.


  1. when I try to install on from my pc vista machine in hopes that it will install on my wm 6.5 device I get a message "not a valid win-32 app". How do I install on vista 64 bit?

  2. Ron,
    I wish I had an answer for you. I would check out Hot Lava's site and see if they have an answer to the problem. http://www.outstart.com/about-hot-lava-mobile.htm

    Good luck.

  3. Hi Ron - OutStart has a newer version of the free trial program. To get started with the 30-day trial, go to http://www.outstart.com/mobile_trial.htm


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