Sunday, March 8, 2015

Paying Attention to Copyright

It is always troublesome to see disregard for copyright. At times it may be a lack of awareness to copyright law or it may be someone conveniently ignoring it, but either is no excuse and as members of a profession that utilizes images, video, audio, etc., we must keep ourselves aware of how we can or can't use such content. And I swear if I hear another person say "I found it on the web, so it's OK," I am going to scream. 

That said, here are some copyright resources in which we should be aware. I not only keep these available for the times I may need my own clarification, but I like sharing these links with SMEs, eLearning designers and anyone else who may need them. (US Copyright Office)
Copyright Basics (US Copyright Office)
Copyright Basics (BYU)
Q&A - Copyright and Fair Use (Library of Congress)
Internet Copyright Infringement (Infographic)
And you can find more in my DIIGO "Copyright" bookmarks.  

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