Thursday, November 13, 2008

What is m-Learning?

As with distance learning and e-learning, m-learning encapsulates many modes of learning. A definition general enough to capture it all could be:

A distance learning event delivered, synchronously or asynchronously, via an electronic mobile device.

Granted, this definition is similar to others out there, but generic enough to include current applications that are commonly accepted as m-learning. Plus, it leaves room for those applications yet to be innovated.

If one was to accept this definition, here are the current mobile learning applications that can fall within the m-learning category:

  • SMS messaging (in the context of a class, training, etc.)

  • Online course/web based training (syncronous or asyncronous)

  • Simulations

  • Educational games

  • Just-in-time learning/job aids

  • Assessments and surveys

  • Podcasts (video or audio)

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