Sunday, November 9, 2008

Adding Pizzazz to e-Learning Videos

I am currently working on adding short videos into a web based training course. These are approximately 2 minute videos of the subject matter experts (SMEs) who are extrapolating on the content at hand. The SMEs did a wonderful job, but...a little extra "pizzazz" would increase attention.

So here's what I did...

I imported each video into Flash and added layers above the video. In these layers I added text that emphasized key information in their presentation. Where graphics, charts, and screenshots helped, I add those too. I was very careful not to distract the learner away from the presenter, but rather highlight their message. It is also important not to obscure the presenter. In my case, I left some room above and to the sides when taking the video. This allowed me the space to have the text and images tween in and out of the canvas.

In one particular case, the SME was discussing a scenario that involved a series of numbers and calculations. By showing, and labeling, the calculations next to the SME, along with numerous animated arrows, it allows the learner much more visualization of the scenario.

The course is still in the works, but I have shown the videos to a small group and they have been received very well. I have shown these to the SMEs too, who liked them. FYI: Always show videos to SMEs early on. It is better to find out they are not happy with the results and re-shoot the video, than invest a lot of time into it something you may not use.


  1. I have started to do a number of SME videos as well. I use .flv just because it is so convenient already. But hadn't thought of adding more visuals with flash - Great Idea.

    Are you adding your layers on top of swf (frame by frame) video or .flv? If FLV how do you synch your timings when you cant see the video when editing. Or am I missing something?

  2. I am importing the video in a .wmv format. Once it is imported I can see the video frame by frame in the main timeline. I then add a new layer, multiple if needed, and add the text, graphics etc.

    The only difficulty is that I can not hear the audio when editing. So if the added text needs to be timed with the audio, I have to preview the swf, time it, and then move the text to the proper frames so it is all "synched up."

    Hope this helps.


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