Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Prioritize - #IMPS

The third element of IMPS is Prioritize. 
Prioritize your content into  must know,” “good to know” and “nice to know” levels.

  • Must know - Look back at your objectives - What MUST they learn to reach those objectives. That's your top level/emphasis - As newspaper journalists would say "above the fold."
  • Good to know - Those things not imperative, but still of value in accomplishing the task to be learned. Maybe not emphasized but still accessible in the course. 
  • Nice to know - They can still do the job without this info, but it has value in understanding the subject in greater depth. It can often add more context around the topic or be information that will be of value as the learners progress and grow - ongoing learning. These will be topics that may be accessible in the course, but not distracting attention away from higher priority content. 
In the next post, Streamline, I will discuss how we use the above prioritization in the course design.

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