Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#IMPS - Identify Objectives

In my recent Being Concise - IMPS post, I introduced my approach to keeping courses concise. In today's post I want to explore the first component - Identify, as in identifying learning objectives.
"Identify appropriate learning objectives and exclude the extraneous objectives trying to sneak into the course."
Here's how:
Conduct a needs analysis (even if it must informal)
  • Stay focused on what learners need to succeed?
  • Ask questions like “How will you/they be using this” and plenty of “Why” questions - The right questions will help identify what KSAs are REALLY needed.
  • Yes, you will meet with SMEs, but also connect with and observe those actually applying the skills.
  • Don’t just take the SMEs word for it – They tend to want to teach EVERYTHING (not what is specifically needed). 
  • Learn and use the KSAs you will be teaching, as much as possible. You will see even more learning needs when you are knee deep in the subject. 
Once you have the information needed to identify your learning objectives:
  • Write up a course design plan (CDP) – Minimally outline the learning objectives.
  • Use the CDP for review and agreement with your stakeholders and SMEs (not approval – agreement).
  • Some edits may be needed, but the CDP should be a solid framework for all involved – limiting surprises and unneeded content when course drafts are presented.
Check in again for the next IMPS post and learn how to manage your stakeholders and SMEs.

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