Thursday, February 20, 2014

Giving Pinterest Another Try

I started a Pinterest account quite a while ago, but my interest in it waned quickly. It really did not fill any need for me. In the last few weeks I decided to give in another try. 

So what have I been pinning? Here are the categories I have so far:
  • eLearning - I pin interesting eLearning infographics, pages, resources, etc. 
  • eLearning Screenshots - Various screens from courses I have made. Since most of what I have developed sits within a learning management system (LMS), inaccessible to non-coworkers, I thought it nice to share at some screens from a few of my favorite courses. Only a couple of courses are represented now, but more to come. 
  • Maryland History - I love local history and especially historical pics. 
  • Rhode Island - That's where I'm originally from and it's always nice to pin some pics that remind me of home. 
As you can see, I have been getting some use out of it and starting to appreciate its value. 

Happy pinning!


  1. I note you have not pinned the eLearning Manifesto ! Has it resonated with you at all?

  2. There are many things I have not pinned yet - Rome was not built in a day. I do like the manifesto and I'm sure it will be pinned soon.

    Thanks for the suggestion.



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