Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monsters, Ghosts & Robots - Using #Characters in eLearning, Part 2

Here is another post regarding the use of characters in eLearning. Below is a collection of some of the more unusual characters from my courses and job aids along with brief notes on how they were used. 

Ghost of Alexander Graham Bell

The ghost of Alexander Graham Bell - He floated about while coaching staff through using the new IP Phone system. 

Ossie - Robot Sidekick
Ossie, the robot sidekick that assists during the Office 2010 course and also keeps the course's superhero, Captain Upgrade, out of trouble. 

Zombie Job Aid

Zombie PC Techs instructing staff on how to prep their computers and manage files before an operating system upgrade. FYI: The zombies used in this job aid were created and generously shared by Kevin Thorn, Chief Nuggethead at NuggetHead Studioz

eLearning Cyclops Avatar

eLearning Cyclops is now my blog and Twitter avatar, but was once a friendly banker that taught bank applications. 

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