Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center

Last week, I had the pleasure of touring the Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center. This is a training center that uses numerous types of simulations - everything from live actors to mannequin and online sims. As I toured the center, I tweeted a few pictures and some notes, which I am sharing below.

Simulation Center's observation area for proctors.
Observation Area

Looking into one of the Simulation Center's examination rooms from observation area.Simulation Center Examination Area

Simulation Center's Operating Room
Simulation Center's Operating Room

Simulation Center Mannequin. They breathe, move, bleed, have a pulse, specific medical issues, etc. (the center has 20 total mannequins).
Simulation Center Operating Room Mannequin

Programming the Simulation Center's Infant Mannequin
Programming the Simulation Center Infant Mannequin

Infant Mannequin - These can also be delivered from a female mannequin including simulating a multiple births.
Infant  Mannequin

The Simulation Center is an extremely impressive training center and I was very pleased to have the opportunity to get a tour. You can learn more about the center at the following link - Johns Hopkins Medicine Simulation Center.


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  2. Grace,

    I am not implementing a simulation center. I was just writing about one I had toured, but thanks for the suggestion.



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