Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Other Stakeholder Wants It Now Too #LCBQ

I recently posted my response to the Learning Circuits Big Question (LCBQ). It occurred to me there is another stakeholder who may also demand, "I want it now." They probably have a more legitimate reason for making this demand simply because they are the people that actually use the knowledge and/or skills the training teaches... They are the audience. In my opinion, the most important stakeholder. They do not ask for low quality, quickly developed training. They want quality, effective courses when and where they needed it, but I am sure they also want the instructional designers to be given the time needed to design and develop such a thing.

So, as the "other stakeholder," what do they mean when they say "I want it now!"

  • No short notice (time to take training on their schedule and time to review, if necessary).

  • Ease of access (e.g., mobile, social media, off the LMS (at least painless access to what resides on the LMS), etc.)

  • Quality courses that keeps their attention, focuses on their learning needs and is relevant to their job.

  • Ongoing access to the course and it still is relevant when they take it a year later even when job or skills have changed. In other words, appropriately updated content.

  • Ongoing support. Social media, blogs, etc. are good in many cases to provide ongoing support for the course's audience.

So, let's not forget the learner is also a stakeholder and they want training when needed, but do not want hastily made courses that do not address their learning needs. Please feel free to use the comments section to add what I may have missed in regards to what our audience mean when they say "I want it now." Also feel free to add your comments in Twitter with the #LCBQ hash tag.

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  1. This is a valuable point, and one I entirely omitted in my own post on this subject. I think (as in many cases with learning and development scenarios) the real key is "it depends". It probably depends on the time-sensitiveness and level of complication of the information being imparted. If it's new safety information, I probably care more about having it now than I do having it in a well-designed course.

    But if it's a new leadership development course, I'll probably prefer that the course is well-designed rather than promptly designed.


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