Monday, January 17, 2011

My 2011 Predictions

Well it's that time again. Here are my e-learning predictions for the coming year.

  • You know I have to include a Flash prediction. So, here you are...  I predict a Flash player will finally be included on the iPad and iPhone this year. This will be mostly due to the fact that so many more phones, and tablets, will be released with Flash, pressuring Apple to do the same.

  • Say goodbye to the "e-" and the "m-" and say hello to just "learning" in 2011. I think we will be less concerned about the medium and will call it "learning" regardless of whether it is in the classroom, computer, phone or wherever else you are finding it.

  • The coming flood of tablets in 2011 will move m-learning much further along. However, I think people will be distinguishing less and less between the terms e-learning, m-learning, and just learning. After all, where does m-learning stop and e-learning begin? See prior prediction.

  • With the economy improving, we will see reinvestment in classroom training and classroom trainers. I believe too many organizations have hastily delved into online training, resulting in developing courses that are better off in in the classroom than online. Plus with so many rushing into e-learning without investing the time in understanding the design end has resulted in ineffective "rapid e-learning." I think we will see these people who had good intentions are going to move away from e-learning. For those that may be in that boat, don't give up on e-learning, but please read "Hey You Rapid e-Learning Peeps, Slooow Down and Take a Little Drive on the ISD Side of Town."

  • QR Codes will become more prevalent in the U.S. In fact, I just started using them myself by including them in a new e-learning course. I also plan to start adding them to job aids, manuals, presentations and anywhere else when appropriate.


Want to see what I predicted last year?


  1. Hi!

    Interested in your QR code prediction...was there any type of needs analysis to determine if your end users were familiar with the QR code? (I admit that I was not clear on how this all worked until about 10 minutes ago when I read this enrty and clicked on your link.)

    I think it has great potential for internal advertising, but I am curious if you had any type of ramp up training for the users.

    Thanks for any feedback/ideas/strategies!

  2. Nikol,

    I did not do a needs analysis to determine who was familiar with QR Codes. However, I was surprised to find some staff were aware of them including a Blackberry user at work to test my QR Code. Since I do not expect too many people to be aware of QR Codes, I added a very brief explanation in my course of what they are and prompt them to use them if they have a smartphone.

    In my first use of them it is only to direct them to additional resources (URL) on the course's subject, but I also have a traditional link for those who do not have a smartphone or one that is able to scan the code.

    FYI: Here is a good post on how they work and how they can be used in education. Hopefully it will provide some ideas for how you can use them.


    P.s. it is really great to hear from you. I hope all is well.


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