Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Frankenstein Course Development

Frankenstein 1910

I am currently creating a course and as usual it involves numerous development tools. This course consists of using three main tools. Here they are and why I am using them.

Adobe Flash - My favorite tool of choice. I like its flexibility in making the interactive assets I need for the course and not being constrained by prepackaged interactives that come with many e-learning development tools. In this case I am making the course itself in Flash. This includes each page, characters, animation, and interactive elements with the exception of the software simulations (sims) and the final assessment/quiz.

Adobe Captivate - The course will contain many "try me" sims for a software upgrade in which we are implementing. I am developing these in Captivate, which in my opinion is the best out there for creating software sims. Each sim will launch in a new window from the Flash course. Keeping these in a separate folder and launched as individual SWFs will also help keep the file size and load time down.

Articulate - Presenter and Quizmaker are providing the assessment and an ease of packaging it as a SCORM compliant course. What I like is the ease of developing an assessment in Quizmaker. In this case I will take my Flash course and import the SWF to the first page of Articulate Presenter. A single button in my menu, called Knowledge Check, will move the user from the Presenter page containing the course SWF to the second page where the assessment begins. The ability to have a Flash button, or menu, work within Presenter was the kicker. This allowed me to get the best of both worlds; Flash and using Articulate to create the assessment and SCORM packaging. Here is a tutorial from Screenr that shows how you can make a Flash menu that will change slides in Presenter.


  1. Nice post. A best practice for tut dev.in corp training. It's ALIVE!!!

  2. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jeff Goldman and karannnnnnnnnnn3, David Anderson. David Anderson said: Love it. I use the term "FrankenCourse" in a similar way RT @minutebio: "Frankenstein Course Development" - http://bit.ly/a6RXsa [...]

  3. Great minds think alike. Just starting the analysis and ID work for a similar course. In my mind's eye I'm already thinking using the same tools. However, I was going to use Articulate as the main navigation rather than Flash.

    Your Screenr just solved a HUGE obstacle for me! If you're ever in Memphis, the ribs are on me!

  4. *Correction* Your reference to David Anderson's Screenr :)

  5. Kevin,

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, the Screenr is via David. I know you are aware of his tuts, but for all other Articulate users out there, he has plenty more at http://screenr.com/user/elearning.

    Your Screenr tuts have been real helpful too - http://screenr.com/user/LearnNuggets

    I am still going to take you up on the ribs next time I'm in Memphis, but I will by the beer.


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