Saturday, November 21, 2009

Google Chrome OS Announced

Google has announced they will release the Chrome Operating System in 2010. This OS is for netbooks and takes full advantage of the cloud. Thus, less of a need for a hard drive and a much quicker machine. In fact, they are currently boasting of a 7 second boot-up time. The success of a Chrome OS can mean a huge leap in cloud computing and hopefully more e-learning tools and apps on the cloud too.

Here is a video preview of Chrome OS.

Not sure what cloud computing is?


  1. How would this make for a faster machine? Because it uses less hard drive space? Loading apps from the internet is much slower than loading from disk. Maybe you mean "the illusion of a faster machine"?

  2. TJ,

    You are correct that the lack of a hard drive does not make it a faster machine. My post is worded poorly in that regard and thank you for clarifying this. However, they are designing it to be a faster netbook than what is currently available.

    Here is more info on on Chrome OS, including their intent on design it for speed and security. Reuters Chrome OS article


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